Wager calls Joyce Budget a “Reckless, Dangerous Proposal”

TWINSBURG, Ohio — Today, Democratic candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 14th District, Michael Wager said, “I’m calling on Congressman David Joyce to reject this reckless and dangerous Republican budget proposal. “

Speaking to a group of supporters outside Congressman David Joyce’s Twinsburg office, Wager said, “Congressman Joyce’s budget is an attack on women, seniors and working families in Ohio’s 14th District. It irresponsibly gives tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, and pays for it by raising taxes on middle class families by an average of $2,000 per year.”

“Joyce’s budget will voucherize Medicare and re-open the part D doughnut hole, costing Ohio’s seniors an average of $1,200 more per year in prescription drug costs,” said Wager “We have to address the budget deficit, but we have to do it the right way, not on the backs of the middle class and seniors. Congressman Joyce’s reckless Republican budget represents the wrong priorities for voters in Ohio’s 14th District” 

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