Michael Wager Pledges to Reject Congressional Perks, Calls on Congressman Joyce to Do the Same

SOLON, Ohio — Michael Wager, candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 14th District, announced that when elected he will reject taxpayer-funded perks currently abused by members of Congress.

He released the following statement calling on the members of Congress, including Congressman David Joyce, to do the same.

“Congressman Joyce has already taken advantage of Congressional perks that allow him to collect an Ohio taxpayer-funded pension of over $60,000 a year while receiving a taxpayer-funded Congressional salary of $174,000 plus thousands of dollars every month in perks, including $18,000 in free foreign travel,” said Michael Wager.

“It’s time to put an end to the self-serving loopholes that have allowed politicians like Congressman David Joyce to live like the wealthiest 1% of Americans on taxpayers’ money. Let’s eliminate excessive and wasteful Congressional perks, like free foreign travel. That’s why I’m pledging to reject the following perks, and I encourage Congressman David Joyce to do the same.”

Michael Wager pledges to reject the following Congressional perks:

  • No taxpayer-funded Congressional pay raises until Congress passes a livable minimum wage for all working Americans.
  • No taxpayer-funded Congressional pensions; Social Security should apply to members of Congress rather than their special pension plan.
  • No taxpayer or privately-funded trips overseas, except to military installations.
  • Ban members of Congress from lobbying after leaving office, and end the “not a lobbyist” loophole.
  • Require that legislators disclose votes for tax breaks that are a benefit to them, their immediate family or their business interests.

Wager added, “By strengthening prohibitions on legislators using their position in Congress for self-enrichment or as a stepping stone to lobbying, we can restore public trust, reduce lobbying influences and cut wasteful spending. Perhaps, then, Congress will focus on the interests of the American people, not just the requests of “special interests.”’

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