What matters to Michael: preserving Ohio’s proud history of family farms and ensuring the future health of Ohio’s agriculture industry.

Ohio and the 14th District have a proud tradition of family farms and other agricultural businesses that provide food for Ohio and the rest of the nation. More than 1 out of 7 Ohioans are employed in agriculture.

Michael supports efforts to strengthen the farm safety-net, including policies that help farmers retain more of their crop revenue, keep crop insurance affordable and protect our farmers and rural economies from harsh economic cycles. Michael also supports the continued and future health of farm business through policies that broaden opportunity for agricultural exports.

Campaign Finance Reform

What matters to Michael: protecting our electoral system from narrow, corporate interests.

In January 2010, the Supreme Court issued its decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission. The 5-4 decision allows wealthy individuals and corporations to donate unlimited amounts to super PACs and exert outsized influence on elections and elected officials. The Citizens United decision was the victory of narrow policy interests over the public interest.

To protect our electoral system from the undue influence of corporate interests, Michael will work in Congress to enact laws that require timely disclosure by foreign corporations, individuals and governments interfering in our political system.

Energy and the Environment

What matters to Michael: investing in clean, sustainable energy.

Developing a comprehensive policy to address our dependence on foreign sources of oil and to increase our use of renewable sources of energy is of vital importance to the United States’ future. It is also good economic policy: investing in clean energy means creating clean jobs. Michael supports a broad-spectrum approach that produces affordable and clean energy, including cleaner carbon fuels, solar, wind, bio-fuels, nuclear energy and next-generation battery technologies.

Infrastructure Investment and Rebuilding America

What matters to Michael: revitalizing our infrastructure and putting Ohioans back to work.

Our nation continues a slow recovery from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Millions of American workers are unemployed or under-employed. To address this employment challenge and to revitalize our deteriorating infrastructure, Michael will work to enact a national infrastructure investment program to repair or replace roads, bridges, ports, wastewater systems and electricity transmission.

Michael has spent much of his career involved in matters of infrastructure investment and finance. He believes investment in these job-creating projects is the most effective way to stimulate our economy and, at the same time, meet critical domestic demands and national security needs. Michael believes infrastructure investments put people to work, stimulate consumer spending and increase local sales and income tax revenues.

In addition, Michael supports initiatives for increasing federal school modernization funding to repair and upgrade thousands of aging schools across America.

Jobs and the Economy

What matters to Michael: creating jobs and supporting Ohio’s small businesses.

Now, more than ever, we need members of Congress who have the experience to pursue policies that foster long-term economic growth, job creation and economic stability. Michael has spent over 30 years engaged in business expansion and job creation in a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, technology, healthcare and retail.

Michael supports hiring tax credits and small business tax cuts, as well as increased funding for community banks that lend to small business, allowing those businesses invest in new facilities and equipment and to hire more workers. In Congress, he would work to stop tax incentives for companies that send American jobs overseas, and would take a strong stance against unfair trade practices, including Chinese currency manipulation.

Michael also supports the extension of unemployment insurance as an interim measure to help unemployed workers provide for their families. This isn’t just smart economic policy: it is vital to the lives of millions of American workers.

Strengthening Medicare and Protecting Social Security

What Matters to Michael: supporting our seniors, and making healthcare affordable for all Americans.

Before Medicare, nearly half of America’s retirees were uninsured. Today, Medicare provides access to meaningful health coverage for more than 45 million seniors. As a congressman, Michael will work to preserve and strengthen Medicare so that beneficiaries today — and in the future — will never worry about how to pay for basic healthcare. Medicare’s continued viability requires fiscally responsible reforms. Michael will support such reforms, as well as initiatives to make prescription drugs more affordable for all Americans, including greater accessibility to generic drugs and the closing of the Medicare Part D “donut hole.”

Michael will also work to protect Social Security. For more than 75 years, Social Security has been a testament to one of America’s greatest periods of determination and resilience. As Americans struggled through the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt worked with Congress and together they enacted Social Security to provide vital benefits to retirees, widows and people with disabilities. Fifty-five million Americans currently receive Social Security benefits. Michael supports honest dialogue regarding Social Security in order to protect this essential program, without privatization, and to make it viable for generations to come.

National Security

What matters to Michael: protecting our citizens and our homeland.

Our national defense and military spending policies must provide the United States Armed Forces with every resource they need to protect our homeland and our citizens. These policies must also be consistent with a commitment to responsible investment of our tax dollars. Policies regarding our investment in military capabilities and in the nation’s future force will affect both our national security and national financial stability. Michael supports a serious debate in Congress to find a collaborative, balanced approach to address these critical issues.

Women’s Issues

What matters to Michael: ensuring income equality and reproductive freedom for women.

As the father of four daughters, Michael knows that when we protect the rights of women, we protect the rights of families. That’s why, in Congress, Michael will tirelessly advocate income equality and reproductive freedom for women.

Despite great the strides we’ve made in gender equality, pay discrimination is still evident in the workplace: today, women make an average of 77 cents for every dollar made by men. Michael believes the enactment of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which amended the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to assure that women who have suffered discriminatory pay can seek their legal remedies, was a step in the right direction. He supports further legislation that eliminates continuing inequities in the workplace.

U.S. – Israel Alliance

What matters to Michael: maintaining the United States’ unique relationship with the State of Israel.

The United States and Israel share a special alliance. Following the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the United States was the first country to recognize Israel (only 11 minutes after its founding). For more than 60 years, this relationship has been a demonstration of shared strategic interests and shared values. Michael strongly supports America’s alliance with Israel, and our commitment to protect Israel against terrorist threats and Iranian development of nuclear weapons as well as our continued effort to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Congressional Perks

What matters to Michael: eliminating the wasteful, excessive perks that allow members of Congress to live like the wealthiest 1% on the taxpayers’ dollar.

While millions of Americans struggle to earn a living wage, members of Congress take advantage of Congressional perks to live like the wealthiest 1% at taxpayers’ expense. Michael pledges to reject the following, and is calling on all members of Congress to do the same:

  • No taxpayer-funded Congressional pay raises until Congress passes a livable minimum wage for all working Americans.
  • No taxpayer-funded Congressional pensions; Social Security should apply to members of Congress rather than their special pension plan.
  • No taxpayer or privately-funded trips overseas, except to military installations.
  • Ban members of Congress from lobbying after leaving office, and end the “not a lobbyist” loophole.
  • Require that legislators disclose votes for tax breaks that are a benefit to them, their immediate family or their business interests.

By strengthening prohibitions on legislators’ perks, we can restore public trust, reduce lobbying influences and cut wasteful spending. By doing so, we can encourage Congress to focus on the needs of working Americans—not just the requests of special interests.


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